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1. The Aim of the Association
1) To contribute to the progress of the music and the music business.
  2) To get the better recognition of the Synthesizer programmers and to elevate their status in the music world (=field).
2. The Activities of JSPA
  JSPA (Japan Synthesizer Programmer Association) was Established on May 1987 as the first organization for the synthesizer programmers in the world.
One of the aims of the organization at the time of establishment was to elevate the status of the synthesizer programmer at the recording field.At that moment the synthesizer programmers were not recognized as performer and their working conditions were not completed.
Therefore JSPA concluded the agreement with the client companies,so that the member programmers would be able to devote themselves to their work.In November 1994,JSPA became a member of the Japan Council of Performers' Organizations and the synthesizer programmer obtained the social status as an performer.
AS a past of public activities JSPA often gave "the Concerts for the Youth".
We are giving the concerts to the students of the elementary and the secondary schools all of the country and giving them opportunities to listen to the live music and to touch the electronic instruments and to give a lecture about the copyright and the performers right administration to promote a better understanding about them."The concert for the youth" is held not only by JSPA itself but also by other music organizations jointed with JSPA and sometimes with the acoustic instrument.
And further we have given "the Computer Music Seminar" and "Professional Synthesizer Seminar"for the older students and working people.
On the other hand,JSPA has given seminars for its members and put efforts on the study and cultivation.
As the synthesizer is an instrument that was invented very recently, we often faced various problems which we hadn't expected. However, we have tried to solve these problems in cooperation with the manufacturers of the instrument.And the cooperative relation ship between JSPA and the manufacturers has promoted the development of new models.
One year after we joined Japan Council of Performers' organizations JSPA was elected as a committee member of Center for Performers Right Administration and we will act an important part of making new system to cope with the future digital network as a member of the multi-media section of the law department.It has been pointed out that the difficult problems would be raised which would not be solved under the present law system.Therefore what we have to do at this stage is to complete the law system and we, JSPA,will make the most effort to help all kinds of artists to be able to perform in the better circumstance.
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